Carl Chatfield

Carl Chatfield

There's always a way to improve yourself - whether it be the way you look, the way you feel, or the things that you are physically capable of.  You will be amazed by all the ways that you can achieve your goals more quickly once you have the information and science behind skeletal muscle metabolism, biomechanics and nutrition.  If you're looking to step up your game, drop me a message. 

What I Offer

After several years within the industry, I have found that it is best for me to be ultimately flexible to meet the needs of my clients. Each client has their very personal situation and we have to find the most beneficial approach for that individual.

One to One
Personal Training Sessions

Most people look to improve their confidence and knowledge when training in a gym setting, this is my home ground. Here we have the opportunity to utilise an abundance of equipment to fit the exercises around you and your preferences. I am regularly at Elements Fitness and Wellbeing which is located in The Guildhall, Stafford. I also have access to other gyms in the area.
Since Covid-19, I have adapted and now also offer outdoor sessions. I have my own kit which is more than enough for most styles of training. These sessions are invigorating, giving you the healthiest 30 - 90 minutes of exercise in the fresh air.
Cost: £20 - £45

Group Personal Training & Classes

If you are someone that would much rather workout in a group, then this is for you!
You and up to three friends can join a Group Personal Training session together. It is a great way to push and motivate each other as you progress as a team!
Doubles Session: 60 mins = £20 per person. 30 mins = £11 per person.
Triples Session: 60 mins = £15 per person. 30 mins = £8 per person.
Quads Session: 60 mins = £12.50 per person. 30 mins = £7 per person.

Support & Guidance
Online Coaching for Hypertrophy & Weight Loss

At a weekly cost of only £15, you will have a professional right at your fingertips. With daily communication and multiple weekly check ins, it will become easy to remain on track. You will have healthy habits ingrained into your lifestyle so you feel confident to walk away with the knowledge that you can maintain the healthier body and higher energy levels that you have worked so hard for!

Personalised Training Programmes

Four week training programmes.
This is for those of you who have the motivation to train, but you just need to be pointed in the right direction, minimising wasted time and energy.
Your main goals, number of weekly sessions, duration of sessions and current lifestyle situation are all taken into account and built around.
Cost: £35 - £70

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The Importance of Fitness

Health and fitness is becoming increasingly important.

Changes in technology make it easy to become lazier.

That causes a rise in weight-related illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

Together, we can improve your quality of life and even help you live longer!

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