Jakob Seo

Hi. I'm Jakob from Korea. I had many experiences of personal training before I met Carl. However I can say Carl is my best trainer still now. When we were training, I called him a sweet devil. Because during training , he always aimed high and wanted to do more and more and harder and harder. So every time I suffered from muscle soreness, I felt my muscle was tearing with him. At that time, he always asked me with a smile, " how do you feel about doing more?" And I thought, "Do more?? Can I??" But as a result I did more and more with him. What I want to tell is if you have the will to exercise or diet, you can get motivation from him. During training time, he concentrates on you 100%. You cannot think anything without exercising during that time. So he will be a devil to you but after hard time of his training you can taste the sweet result on your body. Good luck everyone.

Christian Munokoa

I've worked with Carl over 6 months and over that time I've gained so much knowledge and also have accomplished goals I've never thought I could. I increased my bench press 1 rep max from 40 kg to 75 kg within 4 months of training with him twice per week. Carl is a very good trainer, he is clear in his instructions and explains why you are doing a particular exercise. He keeps the session friendly by talking to you and I'm always being pushed to get the best out of every exercise.

Sophie Thomsen

Carl is great at helping you realise your potential and constantly pushes you to get that last rep. He knows a lot of different exercises which really help to keep things fun and challenging all whilst aiming for those results.

Glen Pountney

A very big thank you to Carl for the gym sessions we’ve done together. I approached Carl to undertake regular sessions with my son and we and asked him to devise a plan meet to our individual personal goals. Over the course of several sessions Carl was happy to change the plan up, to include more exercises for us to target specific areas. From the outset Carl has been very professional, always punctual and easy to deal with. Our sessions have been hard but fun and very informative. We both now feel confident to use all the equipment in the gym and understand the impact they have on the body. Overall we would not hesitate to recommend Carl as an instructor you can rely on and trust.

Dave Whitaker

Stepping into a gym for the first time at 50, unfit and overweight can be a bit of a traumatic experience and without the support of Carl as my personal trainer I seriously doubt I would have made it past the first few weeks!  Speaking to friends the most common reasons they give for not going to the gym are time, injury and boredom! Having a fixed day and time for my one to one with Carl ensures I at least hit the gym once a week even if life and laziness takes over. More importantly having a skilled trainer constantly checking that you are exercising properly with the correct form and posture has ensured that I have never suffered any injury from my workouts. Carl also takes the stress out of organising your workout as he always has a well-structured plan introducing new challenges and exercises whilst his constant recording of your performance provides great motivation and a clear demonstration of your progress. Carl has been my trainer now for 12 months and during that time as well as increasing my general fitness, core strength and vastly improving my posture and body shape I have also reached my target weight, increased my energy levels and improved my diet. Carl has provided me with the guidance, motivation, patience, humour and understanding to enable me to meet my goals and feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt.  Carl has great natural empathy, understanding when you can push yourself further or when you need a little encouragement and I always leave the gym feeling positive and pleased with my workout. Now with a new set of goals and targets I never thought would be possible a year ago, I look forward to continuing to make the most of his expertise, guidance and motivation in the future.

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