I’ve worked with Carl over 6 months and over that time I’ve gained so much knowledge and also have accomplished goals I’ve never thought I could. I increased my bench press 1 rep max from 40 kg to 75 kg within 4 months of training with him twice per week. Carl is a very good trainer, he is clear in his instructions and explains why you are doing a particular exercise. He keeps the session friendly by talking to you and I’m always being pushed to get the best out of every exercise.

– Christian Munokoa







Hi. I’m Jakob from Korea. I had many experiences of personal training before I met Carl. However I can say Carl is my best trainer still now. When we were training, I called him a sweet devil. Because during training , he always aimed high and wanted to do more and more and harder and harder. So every time I¬†suffered from muscle soreness, I felt my muscle was tearing with him. At that time, he always asked me with a smile, ¬†” how do you feel about doing more?” And I thought, “Do more?? Can I??” But as a result I did more and more with him. What I want to tell is if you have the will to exercise or diet, you can get motivation from him. During training time, he concentrates on you 100%. You cannot think anything without exercising during that time. So he will be a devil to you but after hard time of his training you can taste the sweet result on your body. Good luck everyone.

– Jakob Seo

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